A Day in a Consultant’s Life


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Just completed another project last Thursday with a closing workshop of a roomful of bright, young people together with their bosses and top management.  It was in fact a series of two consecutive projects spanning across a period of one year-as top management here cared enough to get a fresh perspective on their corporate culture from an outside consulting team, before investing their time and effort to further enhance their people’s performance and potential.

Regardless of the number of years in this field, we once in a while still marvel at unique qualities we find in certain clients.  With this one, we consulting team felt privileged to have the top management team (in this case also their Board) steering and championing the projects with us.  It was quite a commitment given their packed schedule amidst business meetings and appointments.  The downside was that the original project timeframe need adjustments to accommodate their schedule.  The upside, however, was that we consultants got a chance to work directly with the brilliant and high committed top management team.  We have come to appreciate their genuine learning interest, their management styles together with strengths and idiosyncrasies, win their backing, hence higher probability of implementation success.

For us veterans in this field of consulting and project management, our aim is no longer simply to finish projects on time.  Of course we strive to achieve that in every assignment.  But the real pride which nourishes our ‘vocation’ lies in witnessing how our effort makes a difference, in however magnificent or humble way, to clients.

We will continue our conversation into the months to come – as they gradually get into the launch mode.  But at this milestone completion, it has been wonderful and we feel grateful for the opportunity.

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