English Cats and Organization Change Management [1]

By Jutha Debahastin Na Ayudha[2]

Long time ago when the Englishmen were sent sailing for a long patriotic as well as mercantile voyage, their women raised cats to keep company.  The feline warmness and wit made the loneliness bearable.  The pets did not only stay dormant at home, but also wandered around preying on rats.  They inadvertently helped control the pests and thus enhanced crop productivity.  Abundant yields fattened cattle as well.  Healthy livestock and their meat were put aboard the ships so that the valiant sailors could have nutritious food.  The sailors were physically fit due to the good food and mentally healthy knowing that the girls left behind were busy taking care of a pet.  For these reasons, the English navy was so formidable they once conquered the world.

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